Change in QOS methods in 15.1.1?

We recently upgraded a few 450M APs to 15.1.1.  We also use Preseem to monitor end user quality of experience.  Since the upgrade we've noticed a change in our Preseem graphs.  When a connection is maxed out at the MIR, latency spikes.  Previously it seems like packets would be dropped.  So before the change we'd see re-transmits but consistent latency.  Now we see our lowest ever re-transmits but latency spikes.  I'm not sure if there is any relation to this forum post where they are talking about VoIP quality but it seems like something changed in bandwidth plan enforcement and we're not sure if it's for the better or not.

Attached are some images of the AP as a whole and an individual customer.  We would be happy to provide more details offline.

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We would like to get more details about this issue.

I just sent you a PM. When you get a chance could you please respond.

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I'm curious to know how it ended if you've already found the solution.

How are you setting up your QOS?

Also are you doing PPPOE or Static?

We use PPPOE and I was not sure if I should set the QOS features.