Change IP Address Of Cloud Connected cnMatrix

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I would like to change the IP address of 6 cnMatrix EX2028-P switches which are already in operation and connected to cloud as well. Can I directly change the IP address from GUI/CLI, will it become Online after sometime. Or are there some additional steps that need to be carried out.

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I have forwarded this to the product and support teams.

You can change switch's IP from GUI/CLI. Make sure the default gateway and DNS are configured on the switch.

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Hi, Thank you for the response, I have already configured static IPs on all the switches, and on-boarded them as well. Will changing the static IP, lets say, from to cause any issue, like showing Offline in the cloud, etc. Or will it automatically sync and update the IP automatically and come online in the cloud. Regards, Zia

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After you change the IP address, the switch will disconnect momentarily, and automatically connect to cnmaestro again. No other manual intervention is required. 

On cnMaestro once you refresh the page, it will display the switch with the new IP.


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Thank you, and well noted.

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