change License key

Hello,. i have generated a new license key for use the “other” option in the country code. But when I try to change the License Key in the gui interface it tells me the next message: “Field “CONFIGURE Radio Radio Country Code License Key” set fail. Error in packet. Reason: (badValue) The value given has the wrong type or length”.

I just copied and pasted the license key I received by email with ths format:


PD (I changed some words in the license key for security)

Does anyone know how to insert the license key?

Best regards


What country are you trying to operate in? The License key generator is for radios in the European Union (EU) region only. Customers in other regions do not need to apply the license key.
Also, another thought, please verify the MAC address used to generate the license key. You should be using the LAN MAC address.

Hello Corey, it was my fault. I used the wan mac address. I tried again with the Lan mac and I could change the license key.

Thank you!