Change location of PTP link

How can I get a PTP link to show under a SM in cnMaestro Online?

PMP 450 SM -> ePMP1000 (AP / PTP Master) -> ePMP1000 (SM / PTP Slave)

Also if a cnPilot was added would it show properly?

I'd really like everything nice and neat listed under the Tower/AP/SM it is on.

Thanks in adavnce!


Are you trying to set this on your Online-premises cnMaestro?

Could you please send an email to our with your contact details so we could assist you on settings further.


Harish Krishna

Online version, not on premise.

Ticket submitted.

Official Answer (for others looking for this).

"What you are asking is not possible because once an AP or a Master is added all the SMs were come below that AP.

So if you want to place this PTP link under SM that will not be possible because all the SMs associated with the PMP 450 AP will come first then only you can add other devices AP/Master."

I requested this at

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