Change/Replace Device in cnMaestro?

I had my first R200 failure. When I went to replace it, I could not find a way to simply change the device SN in cnMaestro to make device replacement easy. It seems I have to unclaim the failed device, then setup a new device to replace it (with the same credentials). 

Is there actually a way to replace a device simply by changing the SN or somehow assign a device as a replacement through the onboarding process?

Thanks, Chris

Currently we do not have a way for device replacement.

You need to unclaim a device and claim it back.

If you claim a device and its not yet onboarded and the status shows "Waiting For Device" or "Waiting For Approval" or "Queued" then from onboard tab itself you can click on the delete icon in the end


Are there any new way to change/replace device in cnMaestro??

We have 03 cnMaestro on-premises with 1200 devices each one.


Victor Reyes