Change the antenna gain

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Can we change the antenna gain ?

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On the Configuration->Wireless you can find @Antenna gain" paramter. This value represents the amount of gain introduced by an external antenna (minus cable loss). This value is used in calculating the unit’s Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) level. For certain Country Code configurations, the unit’s EIRP may be limited based on regional regulations.

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Thank you Dmitry Moiseev,

In according User Guide, it said the antenna of ePMP1000 is 14 dBm, but when I logged into the management web, i saw that, the range is from 0 to 30 dBi, thus Can I set as this gain as 30 ? How to know my own device' antenna gain.

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Antenna gain is a physical parameter of antenna. So it depends on the exact model you use: sector antenna, dish or integrated. You can check the exact antenna gain in the model datasheet.

If you have connectorized unit you have to setup appropriate gain in order to meet regulatory requirements.


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Good Day please assistme in the following,

Wwe do have a Cambium ePMP 2000 sector - what must the antenna gain be? Currently set on 40 dBi thats the maximum, we are not famaliar with that setting and need to know if that have an impact on our downlink and uplink capacity?


They are not all the same, and that is not a part number. 

Smaller sectors are 18db i believe, you need to look up the model of your sector, it tells you in the description what the gain is.

If you run 40 gain on a 18db panel, depending on region you may be losing transmit power. 

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