Changing Admin Password on ePMP force 200

Hi all,

I have 3 ePMP force 200 radios on my networks which i configured and are working but i have not been able to change the Passwords over the network. Everytime i put in a new password and Save, it doesn’t take effect even when i reboot.

I would like to know if it normal or i need to physically connect my PC to the radios to effect the change.

I didnt enable cnMaestro


are you logging in as admin?
what web browser? did you clear the cache?

Yes, i am logging in as admin.
I made use of google chrome but i didnt clear the cache.

Hello @Sam_Hendrix,

Which software version do you use?
Do you get any errors? Or it just accepts a password and saves it?
Is there any special characters in your password or just letters and numbers? Right after typing a new password before saving did you try to push eye button to check if there is your new password?

Also you can submit a support ticket and our engineer will assist you on remote session:

i was finally able to change the password by connecting to the LAN using ethernet cable as against over WIFI.