Changing AP Group Settings

Is anyone else having problems saving AP group setting changes at the moment? 

Whenever I edit an ap group profile setting, i click save, the loading circle appears and then dissappears but nothing happens. Refreshing the page shows the old settings unchanged. 

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Hi Ray,

Can you provide us with a little more details regarding your installation? Are you using noc or cloud? What version of cnmaestro are you currently on? Is this behavior consistent for all AP Groups and for any field change or is it specific to some scenario?


Cloud edition

Whenever i modify an ap group setting and click save, it just 
 - shows the loading circle for a few seconds

 - The blue loading bar at the top of the web page moves across 

 - The page itself stays the same, no error or confirmation appears

 - Stays on the page i was working on when the loading circle and loading bar dissappears

If i click refresh, the old settings are still there. 

Is this persistent over time or are you able to save changes after a little over an hour?  Is this for all AP Groups/WLANs are have you just tried on one?

Please PM or email me your Cambium ID and I'll investigate further.

jordan.stipati [.at.]