Changing Bridge/NAT with Reset Plug

Howdy folks!

Just a curious question to y'all to see if anybody else had input on this. I manage the inventory and configurations for our Canopy systems and I've noticed something about the reset plug usage. When I get a radio back that's NAT'd, I generally don't have to use the reset plug. However, when bridged, I am forced to use the reset plug to talk to the thing locally. Talking remotely through the AP works fine either way so that's not my issue.

My issue and where I'm confused is why the radios won't let me switch to NAT mode from bridged mode while the reset plug is in place. Is this by design or possibly a bug with the way the reset plug is handled? I can change color codes, frequencies, etc. that are all saved upon reboot and removal of the reset plug. Just can't change the NAT/Bridge modes. The system specifically blocks the change by greying out those choices.

Instead I have to set the SM back to factory defaults and then walk through re-programming, uploading certificates, then verifying the configurations all over as if I took it off the shelf brand new. Very time consuming since we bridge radios a good deal to prevent double-NAT issues that some VoIP and VPN applications are finicky about.

Anybody got some input? Work arounds?


It is always recommended to remove the default plug from RJ11 port once you are done with factory defaults. After removing only you can save the configuration on radio.

Please let me know if you  have  any further query.

I'm aware of thatstep in the procedures already. My question involves while the reset plug is plugged in, why can't I change the radio from "Bridged / NAT Disabled" to "NAT Enabled" while the plug is inserted into the PMP-450? That way I don't have to reset it to factory defaults to gain the ability to talk to the radio locally on the Ethernet LAN.