Changing Host Name

Hi, everybody!
Is there any way for charging Host Name through CnMaestro Clients in order to identify easily which device is on on my network?

Hi ,

Cambium Device hostnames can be changed from cnMaestro by selecting the particular device in the Tree and then navigating to configuration page. The device might go for a reboot in order for the hostname change to take into effect based on the device type.


Thanks. But I’m not sure I made myself clear. I’d like to change “Client’s Host Names” in my network. I mean, my cellphone is shown as, for example, ab-002-341-4d and I’d like to change it to “acard0808 cellphone” in order to identify it in a glance without looking for its IP address to do it.

Hi acard0808 – the ability to change client name is on the roadmap for later in the year (most likely midyear), when we revamp our client dashboard page. So it is already in plan.

Hi Rob, is the ability to change the client name currently implemented?

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