Changing out a Orthogon backhaul end


I feed my whole network through a ptp400 Full. Due to a tower incident, the slave end was damaged before christmas. The lower signal level means that the link is now unable to achieve full modulation and the latency across this link is very poor at peak times.

I contacted my suppliers who only had a ptp400 Lite in stock. As I was unsure of the state of my slave unit, I had to order this link as it was always possible the damaged slave could stop working.
I now have the new ptp400 Lite installed in parallel.

Ideally, I would like to upgrade the Lite link to Full, make it operational and then downgrade the original link. My suppliers tell me this is not possible without purchasing a new Lite->Full upgrade which would be surplus to requirements after the work is completed.

My only option seems to be to downgrade my existing Full link, and transfer it to my new Lite link.

My question is, has anyone had to do this and what is the procedure ?

Are there any potential pitfalls - to be honest, this link is my umbilical cord and I’m terrified that something will go wrong resulting in significant downtime.



Airwave Internet - Cork, Ireland