Changing SNMP Accessing Subnet Restriction

Does anyone have a batch file or script for windows or Linux that would change the SNMP Access Subnet via the web interface or telnet??? Apparently
V8.1 only supports 8, 16, or 24 bit masks. So Since I have ours set to a /28 prizm can no longer poll the radios.

If someone has another idea that would be great because I really don’t want to log into 1,100 radios and change it, nor do I want to delete everything out of prizm and rediscover it.

I can do this for you not a problem but I have not migrated to 8.1 yet, still on 7.3.6 can’t guarantee it will work

How much does it cost?

CNUT has built in script, Set SNMP Accessibility. I have never tryed it.


What leads you to believe that it only accepts those subnets? Is that documented somewhere? I’m waiting for our maintenance window Sunday night to upgrade the whole network, but I do have one of my client radios upgraded.

In Prizm, the client that is upgraded has not moved out of “Accepting” mode, and in the event log, it is saying that the client radio is not accessible from the discovered parent. My assumption is that that will be fixed when I upgrade my APs to 8.1.4. If there is some other issue, I’d love to know about it before my maintenance window.

I upgaraded one of our towers last night during our window and CNUT kept giving me SNMP Errors, Prizm then showed all red. I called canopy support today and aked them, i was talking to Ben, and he said it was a bug, it will only accept 8, 16 and 24 bit masks. the workaround is to set your accessing subne to that or it might be fixed in 8.1.5 but it might be the following release.

Thanks for the info. Very valuable. I appreciate the prompt response!

The CNUT tool works well for global settings like that, BTW. I’ll be using Prizm to set all zeros in my radios before upgrading. Just realized after reading more carefully in the release notes for 8.1.4, that setting has not worked before now anyway. Ah well, it felt like better security! :lol:

I was also told by Canopy support that 8.1 only accepts 8,16, and 24 bit masks