Channel Plan - Crashes LinkPlanner

I am able to replicate an issue i'm having with link planner.

Here's what i will do:

-I have channels set up with a colour coordination for my 3.65 AP's

-I am wanting to change those colours.

-After changing a couple of them to different colours, link planner will close.

-I have been able to replicate this a few times in a row now.

Any thoughts?


-It happened when i would right click on the frequency to change the channel

-I now tried using the "Color" button in the top bar next to "Decrease Channels" and it doesn't seem to have the same issue

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Thanks for reporting this!

We will check it out and report back.


We are able to reproduce this, and we are continuing to investigate!

We don't have a root cause yet, but we'll keep you posted.


We have a patch for this problem--please send a request to, and we'll send it to you (along with installation instructions) immediately.

This will also be fixed in the next release, which we're hoping to finish in the next few days.

(If anyone else needs the patch, please send a request to, or wait until the next release.)

Thank you again for reporting this issue!


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