Channel Spread of Canopy Lite

Any idea of What is the Channel Spread Used by CanopyLite SM(Width of spectrum).

The frequencies and channel spacing on the Lite SM’s is supposed to be the same as any standard canopy SM’s. Just make sure you are running the same firmware that the AP is running on and it usualy will be the same for the SM.

I am assuming you are talking about the fequency spacing and channel RF layouts.

I would say the full 20MB spread…

Remember the all the SM registered to an AP receive ALL the data transmitted by the AP regardless of if it intended for them or not…

the sm looks at the packets and uses like a PID to determine which data to accept and which to reject… similar to a satellite DVB system.

Hence if the AP is sending out 14MB, then each SM is receiving 14MB.

The canopy lite units can only transmit and recieve at the either 512 by default or by what there floating license has dictated, this means that they are throttled to only only transmit and recieve at these speeds, regardless of what the AP can do.

Hi AC,

we may be talking about two different things here…

The throtelling would be done by some form of rate limiting at layer 2 or layer 3, not by reducing the spectrum spread. My theory was more directed to expalin the spectrum spread used. I can’t see the spectrum being used changing regardless of the bandwidth the SM is configured for.

Canopy works as a time based broadcast system, an SM will receive everything that AP is transmitting, but will only be able to decode/translate the data that is intended for it (rejecting the rest).

Channel width is still 20MHz.