Charging customers for Insurance on CPE


Anyone out there charging customers an insurance fee on CPE.

We are in the south and during the summer months we replace a ton of POE’s, Surge Arrestors, and SM’s because of lightning. No AP’s yet thank goodness.

We were thinking of charging a small insurance fee, say $1 per month to help offset some of the cost of replacement equipment.

Just wondering if any other WISP’s was doing this and general thoughts on this idea…

Comments welcome !


We charge the customer $6.95 per month for the radio. There is no purchase option since we manage the network. We haven’t really met any resistance but then again, we’re the only game in town except satellite. We have to recover some of the cost somehow and this seemed the best way to do it. Our install fee is also pretty cheap at $100.

With the $6.95 “rental” fee, the customer gets full support for the equipment installed. We take care of the radio and power supply as well as the CAT5. Should there be a problem caused by negligence on the customer part, that wouldn’t be covered and the customer would pay accordingly. So far, I don’t think we’ve really had any issues there though.

Currently, we have close to 600 SMs installed and 35 APs. So far, this has worked well for us. I don’t know if we’re making money or not, but fortunately I just have to make the tech side work and get to let other people worry about the business aspects.


we’re in the south too - and have our share - more of APs than Sms. We carry an insurance policy as well and have filed a few claims…

We rent the equipment to the customer as well. Either $20/mo or $399 upfront for a lifetime rental. We are in northern california.

Who is a good insurance company to deal with? We are competing with the local outdated telephone company and we are now forced to considering free standard installation. Those people who do not carry renters, and/or home owners insurance I would like to offer them a insurance solution so we do not bite the cost of equipment.