Chat support ended at least in Greece

Hello to all

I was trying to access support by chat. This was not possible today so I called in UK. They told me that the only toll free number for us in Greece is in UK. Its not so "toll free" of course.

Chat support and the opportunity for cambium engineers to support 24/7 was phenomenal and was one of the reasons supported cambium to many project s in Greece with public wifi and Hotel installations or proposal against high rep competitors like cisco or ruckus and low cost competitors like ubiquity.

I feel very uncomfortable now that we don't have this kind of support. 

Do you know if cambium will support us only by email or support in real time with webex or even call back services when we are in the field with a strange problem?

I wish to know if any one else in here feels the same about that support lack from now and on.....



The decision was made approximately a week ago to turn chat capability off indefinitely.  There were many business reasons chat was disabled and I will therefore not elaborate on the specifics on a community forum.  I apologize for the dissatisfaction and  inconvenience this may have caused.  

Keep in mind that Cambium's Technical Support team is still staffed 24x7.  You can open a ticket thru our portal at or call our support team via any of the toll free numbers listed at the following URL.

Once a ticket is opened, one of our support engineers will contact you via the communication method of your preference (call, email) to address the issue you may be having. Webex and other remote session capabilities are still available as well once a ticket is opened.

Thanks for your understanding.

Chuck Hemesath

Director - Technical Support

Thank you very much indeed for your quick response.

I will kindly ask you to create a toll free number for Greece also.

We are an  expanding market (EMEA was performed here last year) and with the hotels we do have great potential. The other country numbers are not toll free and thus not very helpful...

Many thanks

I will assess the number of tickets and make an assess the feasibility of providing a toll free number for Greece.   Thanks for giving me a heads up that business is ramping up there.  I will let you know what my decision is.


Chuck Hemesath

Director - Technical Support