Checking completed configuration jobs

You can check the status of completed configuration jobs in cnMaestro. Navigate to:

  • Configure
    • Devices

And click on the Completed Jobs tab. This shows you a list of the completed jobs, the name of the person who created it, and its time of creation. The Target Configuration column shows the name of the configuration template that the configuration job was applying, and the Configuration Status column shows the number of devices which were successfully configured, failed to be configured, and were skipped.

A device is skipped if it has lost its connection to cnMaestro.

Clicking on Show More Details reveals a list of each device that was targeted by the configuration job, its status, the network and tower it belongs to, and the configuration status for that device for the configuration job. This is where more details can be found for any configuration failures.

The screenshot below shows a successful configuration job on 6 cnPilot indoor E400 devices.