Cisco Routers

Does anyone in here sell Cisco routers? More specifically, do you have any 1605 or 1605R’s?

I am looking to buy new. If you do, PM me.

I’ve been looking at 1605s on ebay… they typically go for around 100$. I don’t believe they offer them new anymore.

get the 831, 851 or the 871, dual ethernet.

The 1605 are hard to get. I would buy the 2611, they also come with dual ethernet. It’s a big service router but some service provider will provide a 2621 or 2611.

3620’s are in the hundred dollar range and work well…

Got a 2500 series with dual Ethernet and dual Serial from It should arrive today. $161.61 including shipping. 120 day warranty. Nice sales and customer service.