Claiming device via AP Group

I am trying to claim an e400 inside my newly created AP Group. But when I claim it under that specific AP group then it goes automatically to default group. Am I the only one having this issue? I am trying to find a way to move the claimed AP on another group but I could not find the settings. Sorry I am new to Cambium devices and this is my first deployment.

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Yes you can change the devices which are configured in default network to other configured network. Below is the steps to change the device from one network to other if device is already claimed.

1. Login to cnMaestro

2. Goto Network page

3. Right Click on the device and click on edit button, this will navigate to configuration page (shown in image below)

4. In this configuration page under "Device Details" you will have “Network” option (shown in figure below)

5. Click on Network drop down button and select the network/AP group that you want to move your AP and click on “Apply Configuration” button, to save the changes

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Ashok. That was perfect. I will try it out when I am back to office.

I appreciate your help

Good way of explaining through the screenshots.