Client Isolation not working as expected (or at all)

My wireless clients are able to ping each other when Client Isolation is set to Local or Network Wide. The option seems pretty straight forward, not sure why it is not working.

I’m currently using 3 WIFI clients and a XV2-2 that is configured via on-prem Maestro.

Open SSID, SSID is on it’s own vlan, AP mgmt is occurring via native vlan on the switch. Clients can reach the Internet ok.

I’ve verified the configuration of the XV2-2 by logging into it directly and the ‘Client Isolation’ option gets updated when I make changes in Maestro.

From all 3 WIFI clients, I can successfully ping and port scan the other two clients.

XV2-2 v6.1-r5
Maestro 2.4.1-r10



Client Isolation is officially supported in Release 6.2.

Please download latest software from


Worked as expected after upgrading to 6.2.