Client isolation not working


We are using cnPilot APs with cloud-based cnMaestro. Software level

Configuration: no VLAN separation +
SSID “internal” - client isolation disabled
SSID “guest” - client isolation “network wide”

Our customers goal: “internal” clients should reach each other + internal resources (servers, printers), “guest” clients only the internet. As I can see, the above SSID settings should provide this?

Customers on-site test: “connected to the guest SSID, I can see a dozen of internal hosts. but they are only PCs, none of the servers or printers. from my PC, I always see the same dozen of internal PCs - but from an other guest PC, this dozen of internal PCs are different. these clients are only reachable with hostnames, not with IP addresses - even after a flushdns”

Do you have any idea about this?

Check 4.1.1 or 4.2 :slight_smile:
In my opinion it start works from 4.1.x version :slight_smile:

In my opinion better way is to prepare separate VLAN for both SSID ( virtual VLAN on controller)