Client location API in cnPilot

cnPilot E400 and E500 access points can be configured to periodically report signal strength information of all clients in the vicinity of the access points. Information such as the MAC address of the client, the signal strength with which its management packets where heard, is included in this report. the report is generate periodically and sent out as a HTTP/HTTPS POST to an external server.

This data can then be used by the servers for RSSI-based locationing, client presence analytics etc.

This feature can be enabled under Configuration->Services:

The data is posted in JSON format on the server, and contains the AP Name and MAC address, a version number of the message format, followed by a client of client MACs and other information.

   'ap_name' : 'e400-test', 
   'ap_mac'   : '00‐04‐56‐AA‐BB‐CC', 
   'version'    : '1.0',
    'probe_requests':   [
            {'ch': 6, 'bss': '00‐04‐56‐11-22-33', 'mac': '24‐DA‐9B‐11‐22‐33',  'rssi': 12, 'last_seen': 22},
            {'ch': 11, 'bss': '00‐04‐56‐11-22-33', 'mac': '24‐DA‐9B‐01‐02‐03',  'rssi': 22, 'last_seen': 1},