Client roaming history log


I think I found bug in client roaming history tab.

Per specific client, AP history is not updating, it is always showing the first AP that client connected to. Also the time for each entry is the same as the first connected client to network. So, we get multiple entries into our table, but APs and time are alsways the same as was for the first time that client connected to.

We are using cnMaestro Cloud Version 2.4.2-r14 with MSP enabled.

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Hi AnzeZ,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Can you send me a screenshot so it is clear what you are experiencing? jordan.stipati [.at.] or DM me via the forum.

Does the roaming history show all times that the client connected to any AP with just the AP name being incorrect? Or does the history only show connections to that AP, missing connection history to other APs?

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I sent you an email.

Thank you.

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Thank you for the screenshot and additional details. I have entered this into our bug tracker to be fixed in a future release.

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