Clients not showing on CnMaestro Console

New install. I can see the E410 APs and wireless clients can connect and get Network/Internet Access but the clients are not showing as connected when looking at the CnMaestro Console.
Is there some setting I am missing? Everything works but I cannot see the connected clients on the Console

This AP is properly onborded in cnMaestro ?

I can see the AP is showing as Online and is synchronised.

2 task for U

  1. Firmware version on 410 is ?
  2. Show this part of console. Radio details from dashboard of 410.


happened to me last week,
What cnMaestro are you using? Cloud or On-Premise? Ver?

2021-04-08 11_30_09-cambium

AP is on

CnMaestro Cloud version

is there any other AP with the same SSID near this AP?

Please go to AP dashboard, than tools, than debug, that advanced.
Type in command line “sh wireless clients”, click run

Something like this:

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Thank you. For whatever reason the clients are now showing. Very strange!

Maybe after logging in, AP has not yet provided data to cnmaestro and you haven’t seen anything :slight_smile:
Sometimes you have to wait 1,2-5 minutes :slight_smile:
It all depends on the connection and the delay in accessing the cloud :slight_smile: