Cloud cnMaestro - add onboarding user error

Problem -

While using cnMaestro Cloud as SuperAdmin or any other level

o Click Home

o Click Onboard Devices

o Click Claim from Device

I now get -


There is no user available!

This occurs on 4 of the 5 accounts I have created. Has anyone else seen this?


My cloud account seems to be working fine.

Do you get the error after you click on "claim from device"

Or after you try to add a user?

It is after I click claim from device.

This does not occur on all customers I have set up.


Are you able to add a new user? With the "Add new" button.

No. Not on that page.

Just trying to get an idea of what loads on your page... or dosn't load as the case maybe!

After I click on "Claim from Device" I get the below:

Are you able to share a screen grab of what you can see?

Also what happens when you try to load this page directly. Add "/#/0/home-view/onboard/ClaimfromDevice" (without quotation marks) after in your address bar.

Thanks for that.

It looks like you already have a user added as well. If the "Add New" button does not work I would try to disable this feature by clicking "Allow device to be claimed using Cambium ID" and saving. And then reenable the feature to see if that clears the error.

But I think there might be somthing wrong with your cloud account, so you might need to raise a ticket with Cambium to get this resolved.

Building the URL you posted, nothing at all changes. No error, nor add user text.

You are correct, SIR!

I disabled "Allow device to be ..." and re-enabled it, and it fixed it.

Thanks, so much!!


You're most welcome! Happy I could help.