Cloud cnMaestro reporting incorrect power and sync status on APs

On 2 of 2 cnMaestro cloud instances I have some, but not all showing incorrect power level as well as incorrect sync status. Some APs have both correct, some have 1 incorrect, and some have 2 incorrect.

To cover the bases I opened a ticket, but don't expect much.

Attached are screenshots from 2 systems.

@tarball, are you able to disable and then enable the AP's network connectivity to cnMaestro?  I'm looking to clarify if the correct values are displayed in cnMaestro once the AP re-registers.

Aside from that, I'm forwarding this to the team. 

I will try that and post results. I will attempt to get that done today.

Thanks Emelio.



Thanks for asking the question. All APs are now showing the proper transmit power and sync status.

Since both of these systems were previously running against on-site cnMaestro and since both exhibited the problem shortly after the migration to cloud cnMaestro I would bet there is a problem when they get onboarded from a running on-site cnMaestro. Just a guess for my programming decades. Might want to check that out in the lab. I can say for sure the problem was visible for a few days after the migration, but it obviously got cleared by something.



Re-reading my answer, I think it could be interpreted that I may have followed your advice and re-onboarded the APs. All I did was check the current status. And they had changed to the correct state.


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