Cloud connecting issue

My configuration:
When I restart first of e410 with mesh base. the mesh client has problem with connecting to the cloud. Still “Resolving URL”. I need to restart second e410 to get it again in the cloud.

Before last update of cnMaestro cloud everthink works fine.
Where is the problem ?

Hi, Mesh connection is between mesh base AP and mesh client AP. upgrading the cnMaestro will not make a difference to mesh connectivity.

if you reboot the mesh base AP, mesh client too loses its connectivity to the outside world , since mesh client default gateway is mesh base.

What is the firmware version running on the AP?

I know that mesh client will be disconected after restart or reboot of mesh base. But when connection is setup again, e410 mesh client has proper IP, routing and DNS I have still “Resolving URL”. Why it worked week ago, now it isn’t ?

Now what is the state of Mesh client of AP ?

If it is in the problematic state can you please share me the techsupport file on my email id

We can close this. I think it was and global DNS issue. Situation is clear.

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