CMM 5 will not negotiate to 1000-Base TX FD

We recently deployed a CMM 5 and have been unable to get the AP's  to Negotiate to 1000-Base TX F.   The  AP is set to 1000F/100F/100H/10F/10H and the CMM 5 is connected to a gig capable switch, The link however is still negotiating at 100 F.  Any ideas?

Do you have in-line ethernet surge suppressors? Try turning off the sync pulse on a port and then bouncing the switch port. Does it negotiate to gigabit? If yes, then the surge suppressors are firing due to the sync pulse.

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  We are using The Cambium Model# C000000L033a Surge Surpressor.   Turning the sync pulse off during negotion seemed to fix the issue.  I turned it back on and it has sync at 1000-Base TX FD. Thanks for the reply.