Cmm and backhaul issues

hello all we tried to set up our backhaul relay point today with mixed sucsess.

when we installed the 5.2 backhaul from our head end to a new tower that has a cmm on it we would get no units to register on the master when we are going through the cmm.

as soon as i switch to my laptop with a power puck and set generate sync we then can get a slave registered to the master on the tower with rssi 1000 jitter 1

but when we plug back into the cmm nothing, i changed the config on the maste to rec from timming port and it says that it is recieving sync but nothing. i do have the sync cables to each backhaul

ultimimately we want to set the 5.2 backhauls up then relay of to another tower with a 5.7.

the plan is set the two backhauls on the center tower to master and have a slave at each end one of the slaves being our head end.

i have used shielded cable and have checked all of the connections with out sucsess.

how do i verify that the gps is acutally working on a cmm. If it was a cmm micro it could check the status page

any suggestions

I feel u need to use following to clock if u r using CMM & not "timing Port"

Sync to Received Signal (Power Port)…

thanks for the input

but on the cmm dont i want to be synced to the timming port.

i am sure on the cmm micro that i should use the power port.

What kind of CMM are you using? CMM2 or CMMmicro?

cmm it is the one with the sync cable required.

i have a cmmmicro at another site like it alot better.

There is an easy distinction between what parameter to set.

If you are using a a CMM Micro, set your parameter to Receive from Power Port.

If you are using a CMM2, set your parameter to Receive From Timing Port, and obviously make sure that your cable is terminated at the both the RJ-11 female on the Backhaul itself, and in the RJ-11 female in the CMM.

If I read your post correctly, your 5.2 at your tower site is set as a Master, and its config is set to Receive from Timing Port which is correct if using a CMM2. If this is not working then I would investigate the sync cable, GPS antenna and cable, and the CMM. The module itself must be working properly if it begins to work correctly when you have it generate it’s own sync.

Is your CMM micro at your other site tower-top mounted or is in located in a shelter? If in a shelter would it be possible to bring it to your current 5.2 site to use to troubleshoot?

thanks for the input i went back on the tower with the cmm2
and it turned out to be a bad sync cable once i checked all of the cables again and re did the one that was bad all came alive.

thanks for the input…

i sure to like the cmmmicro alot better than the cmm.

Yes the Micros are nice, but the override switch is in a dumb location in my opinion. The last install we did with a Micro, I found myself accidentally bumping it twice and wondering why the system was not working!