CMM Bad Geomtry ERROR!

I am getting an error on the CMM Micro under Tracking Mode. It says BAD GEOMTRY. Anyone seen this? I have replaced the GPS board to see if that was the problem and that was not it. I know the cable, GPS and connectors are good because when I hook up 2 other CMM’s to it they are all good. Anyone seen this? PLEASE?!?

Call Moto - don’t wait for an answer here.


Jerry, Did that. Moto pointed me to the knowledge base on how to test the cable. Been there… done that. No answer. So I am not sure MOTO knows what is going on.

Here is my scenario - I had 4 CMM’s that I needed to test. I knew 2 of them were good and 2 were bad. So I put up a test GPS and plugged into CMM1. The GPS saw 8 Satellites and tracked up to 6. CMM2 - saw 8 satellites and tracked 2 and I received Bad Geomtry under Tracking Mode. Under GPS Status it says the Antenna connection was “OK”. I replaced the GPS board and it says the same thing. So I know my cable and fittings are good. Anyone seen this? I think I have ruled out everything. What more can I do?

It appears this is a board level problem in the CMM.

I tried the 3rd CMM… funny thing… it goes to 3D FIX and tracking 6 then goes to 3 with a 2D FIX… and then to Bad Geomtry. Seems like it isnt tracking the satellites like it needs to. Replaced GPS and Cable… same thing… So I am not so sure that it is a CMM issue more then that it cant see the satellites correctly. More testing to come.

Have you upgraded to the latest firmware in the all the CMM’s?
Are all the CMM’s the same firmware, whatever they may be at?

Yes everything is updated to correct firmware. What we found is that the GPS wasnt tracking enough satellites to get a 2D FIX, so that is what was causing the error.