CMM - Installation


I want to configure a CMM from scratch. So what are the precaution measures to follow before installing it starting from frequency to deployment of Access points remotely.

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:shock: wow… I would start with the user manual, There is a lot to learn

As Clueless says, read the manual. There is a wealth of information in there.

If you use a CMM, it’s an unmanaged device. There is no configuration.

If you use the CMMmicro, out of the box it’s ready to go with zero configuration.

If you want to remotely manage it or monitor it, then you need to give it an IP address. Best to use private IP’s.

I label each port with the name of the AP/BH/device connected to it.

Enabling port based VLAN trunks all traffic to one port. This blocks direct traffic flow between AP’s and combined with SM isolation in the AP can help in managing broadcast storms and reducing inter-SM chatter.

You can also use VLAN tagging, however that is a much more complicated process which I can;t help you with.

Ok got your ideas guys now do you mind if you can forward me the manual if you have it on your PCs, so that i can browse it before i venture into the implemantation of the same?

Now another question is it possible to deploy an AP somewhere else far away from the cMM within the same network?

and is it possible to intergrate another network within canopy network i.e. Proxim Network or smart Bridges?



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