CMM Issues.........again

Hi There,

I have been having CMM problems for a while, and I have been getting son good advice freom the forum, but no matter what I do, I keep having the same problem.

I am using a CMM, with the latest software version (actually, the problems started about the time I upgraded it).
The problem is that the port that conects the cmm to our internet feed just blocks itself and stop respondin to anything conected to it.
I Have th CMM conected to a Unicom switch (I have changed the port to which the CMM is conected) and I cannot access the CMM thru it.
I have to access the CMM thru a SM (pls. note that the air link is alive, and the CMM is runnning perfectly except the port conected to our NOC) in order to reset it.

Looking into theMIB Port Selection I find that port #8 has the following errors:
Rx alignment Errors 458
RxFCS errors 458
RX Fragments 435

Any ideas on what is going on???

The errors below are CRC errors, something wrong with the packets.

Is it a CMM Micro, have you considered downgrading the software.

Have you changed the cable ?

Does the CMM and Unicom switch negotiate the correct speed.

Have you tried a different switch (cisco) ?

Try another switch - as mentioned a Cisco series as they handle 100/full well.