cmm keeps losing ip

i have a cmm that i programed with a public ip so i could access it from anywhere within our network or outside of it with a vpn.problem is it only keeps the ip for a few days then for some reason it locks up and the only way i can get back into is to override i’m wondering if anyone else has seen this before and if there is a fix for it.its a cmm micro runninjg 7.2.9 as is all of my equipment on my network so compaitabilty can’t be the issue.

CMM running 7.2.9? I’m assuming you mean 2.X but regardless, the public IP lockup is a known problem, random web traffic over time will do that. That’s one reason Motorola recommends using private IPs. ... ht=private

ok so me being the idiot that i am didn’t realiaze that my network is a private one so the whole problem has now changed because i don’t have the public ip issue cause the ip i used is only routable inside our network the vpn i use connects to out router which of course aloows me to access our equipment and it is 2x so if anyone can give me a reason for the being locked out please do

Can you telnet to it when the web interface locks up? Does it keep passing traffic? Do the ping times to devices on the other side of the CMM degrade?

Inability to get to a device has a few possible causes:
1. Broadcast storm is flooding the network
2. DOS attack from within the network. Make sure all SM’s are in NAT or have multicast ports blocked.
3. Bad cable causing excessive errors - look at the log files, and stats for errors after the CMM has been up for a few hours
4. Bad CMM - I just had to replace one of ours - not a fun day.