CMM limitation

Unless I am missing something, but I can not understand why the CMM is so limited.

I understand that the P2M kit is probably very complex and requires a development cycle, but the CMM is just a switch, surely it is possible to integrate a smarter more feature rich switch into the CMM.

The CMM is the heart of the cluster, and if they used a decent switch it would make the RF an extremely powerful environment, users are already hacking around the CMM and putting thier own managed switches.

CMMmicro is a basic managed switch; fine it doesn’t have support for vlaning, big deal, if I need to do vlan’s at a tower I would throw in a CISCO anyways.

The CMMmicro at least allows you to turn on’off the POE on the ports, label the ports and configure some other options as well.

The standard CMM( 1 ) is being phased out by the end of the year, Motorola during the Aug Webinar that they are going to be releasing a new CMM, of coarse they are keeping it underwraps but it will be similar to the micro in that it uses timing over the RJ45 port.

Cisco is the route I have been forced to take, but I delayed it as long as possible but now my RF netowork is struggling.

Problem is to put a $2000 CISCO at a pop, I need to take care of security, build a hut, due to local humidity and temperatures an AC will be required and then I will need to increase my UPS’s.

So to make a POP more intelligent it will cost me in the region of about $10,000USD.

I would have rather payed $3000 for Moto to build it into the switch. Its just software mainly.

some of it is just software, but alot of it has to do with the hardware that is used as well; processing power is a big thing as well.