CMM Loosing satellites and sync

I have a CMM that stops tracking satellintes 2 times a day, always between 10 pm and 5 am.
Also, during the day, there are times when there are 8 satellites visible, but the CMM is only tracking 2 o 3 tops.

Any idea on what could the problem be or how to fix it.

thnks a bunch

I assume this has been working for a while?

If so, I would look for water in the connectors. Also check that there is no short between the center pin and ground.

Look at the GPS status in the CMM and look at the antenna connection statusd for possible error messages.

yes, It has been working for quite some time now. But the last 10 days have been terrible.

The only error message that I get is “Sync Pulse Lost”.

And no matter how many times I reset the CMM, it will not get the sync pulse back.
And then suddenly, everything goes back to normal.

We havent had any rain for a few weeks ow, but I will climb up there and look for any water trace on the conectors.

check connectors and also clean the GPS antenna.

Could there be any possibility of rotation of the earth and the satellites being out of position? We see this on all of our 25+ CMM’s and GPS units that we have. I have spoke to MOTO about it but they didnt specifically state this, they stated the handbook obvious to look at connectors/cables.

do you have any thoughts or ideas on how to fix this problem?

Did you go to the CMM and clean/test all connections?

We will do that tomorrow morning.
the funny thing is that we never had this kind of problem with the older soft. version.

All our CMM problems started when we updated the soft. ver.


hmm bummer - did you call moto? they are there 24x7

You did not mention earlier that this happened after you upgraded the firmware. Althrough I have not seen this specific complaint with the newest firmware for the CMM Micro, there have still been other issues. Perhaps after checking all your connectors, cable, and antenna, you might want to try to roll back the software.

I am told by MOTO that there are two different GPS receivers in the CMM’s. The daughter board in the CMM is not clearly Identified however one operates in the 1.2 Ghz and one in the 1.5 Ghz. I to have a site that wil function in the same fashion, Sync, then no Sync even tho 8 sats are visible. I have replaced the antenna, cabling, connectors, and even the CMM with the same result. MOTO has told me that there is a filter made for this issue. Anyone have any ideas on the filter???

I don’t know if this helps, but this particular CMM had been working perfect for the last 8 months.

Any ideas?

Downgrade the software?

Have you called Moto?

I calles Motto, and they told me to check the conectors.
We went to the site, checked everyting, and there were no water traces, the grounding was fine.

We relocated the GPS antena, by relocated I mean we slided it about 30 cm to the right and it started to work again.

the GPS antena has always had a clear view of the sky, and I really don’t think 30 cm could do thatmuch of a difference, but it has been working fine since then.
We are still monitoring very closely that CMM, but I wanted to let you all know that it is working fine now.