CMM Maxed out


I have a CMM Micro with 4 AP’s, 1 BH 20 MB for the air interfce and the CMM is connected to a Cisco 2960 switch.

We are currently handling about 18 MB of aggregated traffic, and sometime the CMM starts to give very high ping times ( 10 - 80 ms over an utp cable that is about 200 ft. long) to the switch and viceversa.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar problems and if you have any suggestions to improve this situation; I was thinking about connecting each AP directly to the cisco Switch and purchar a sicronization device from a 3rd. party.

Any ideas???

are the CMM and the CISCO switch on the same IP network.

what is the processor utilisation on the cisco when this happens

I’d be surprised it can’t handle 18Mb

For how long do you the high latency… is it possible to unplug the BH or AP’s one at a time to see if the latency drops… (may not be able to do that in production)

going direclty into a switch (L3 preferably) may be a good idea in the long run anyway…

I am sure it is not the Cisco switch; this guy is passing another 10 MB on our fiber network.

I think the CMM is the weak link here…