CMM Micro 3.0 & outerrors/carsenselost errors

Could anyone running a CMM Micro and v3.0 s/w look under Statistics > Ethernet to see if the outerrors & carsenselost count is incrementing at an alarming rate? All of our CMM’s appearing to be doing just that. I am not sure what the Ethernet Control Block Statistics is tied to since the AP/BH stats are monitored under Port MIB.

Ours are doing the same thing. Even CMM’s that have all 8 ports being used.

It looks like mine are doing this as well. Has anyone found a fix yet?


Mine are doing this as well.

Also the v3 software doesn’t have the same Duplex selections as the v9.5 firmware …ie…forced and auto selections.

I just upgraded one of my CMM’s to V3.0 and I am seing the same thing as well. Has anyone spoken to Motorola about this?

I have not.

Does anyone have an update on the CarSenseLost Issue? We’re currently running v9.3 on the A.P.'s and v2.2 on the CMM. We only have issues with the P9 AP’s when we force the Ethernet to 100FDX. When we configure it for ‘Auto 100F/100H/10F/10H’, we get “Ethernet Link Detected” and the “CarSenseLost” stops incrementing. We have NO issues with our P10 AP’s (v9.3) and CMM (v2.2) configuration when we force the AP’s to 100FDX. Just checking to see if anyone has notified Motorola or has found a fix/work-around (other than setting it to AUTO) before I submit something to them.