CMM Micro and 100mb full or half unable to make work!

We have 4 different CMM micros on 4 different Tower Sites, and are unable to have the CMM run at 100Mb half or full to the APs, At one site, we have the bestronics shielded cable, and in conduit. Still no luck in maintaining 100Mb, only 10Full. It will work for about 5 minutes or so then we loose communication to the AP from the CMM, We have all the speeds selected in the AP, and have to force the CMM down to 10Full to regain connectivity.
Cable runs are anywhere from 50ft to 150ft (no longer), We have also cabled tested each cable.
Any one else have this issue.

Does the micro stop passing traffic completely or is just the web page on the CMM Micro non-accessable? Does it keep the radio’s powered up?

We where having this same problem. At first we had 300 SS surge suppressors at the top and bottom of the tower with ~275’ shielded CAT5e. We removed the surge suppressors from the top of the tower and and made some improvements. We found that if we set the APs to generate their own sync, the APs would come up at 100M full. We switched to the CMM2 which puts the GPS pulse on a different cable to solve the problem. The 300 SS seems to add about 30’ of cabling worth of attenuation.

Now we have to re-address lightning protection because we do not have any.