CMM micro and accessing other equipment connected to it.

We have a site with a backhaul slave connected to our internet connection, that connects to the backhaul master at a tower. That backhaul connects to a CMM micro along with 2 Canopy 900 APs and 2 non-motorola 2.4GHz APs.

We connect to this site over a VPN to our head office. Everything worked great for over a year. Here recently we upgraded the 2 900 APs and all the connected SMs to 8.1.4 and then one morning we were unable to access the APs and SMs and the 2 2.4 APS (non-moto). No big deal we downgraded back to 7.3.6 using CNUT. So our access to the Moto gear was restored but not to the CMM and our 2.4Ghz equipment. The funny thing is we are unable to access the CMM micro through its web-gui now. We have replaced it with another CMM and still nothing, it gets as far as showing the side navigation bar but nothing more, and no access to the 2.4 stuff. However if we plug directly into the CMM we can access the CMM and all the 2.4 gear.

All customers are having no problem with service, all are surfing happily, anyone have any ideas what could be going on with remote access over the VPN to the CMM, I believe if we can resolve the CMM issue it will fix all other issues, if that is the root of the problem.

I realize that this may not be a Canopy specific inquiry but we are running out of ideas.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Can you connect to the side without using the VPN? It almost sounds like the Canopy/Layer-2 devices in the middle are not switching/forwarding packets properly.

Have you tried power cycling absolutely everything in the system, after the firmware downgrade? I have seen BH’s get corrupted MAC addresses in their Bridge Tables. A simple power cycle solves it.

Bridge tables are probably corrupted. Clear the ARP tables in the router and root switch. Might need to reboot the CMM’s, BH’s and AP’s.

Probably won’t need to reboot SM’s, they should re-enter the bridge tables after the AP’s reboot.

msmith and Jerry,

We have power cycled absolutely everything…CMM, all of the APs, the backhaul master and slave and the router, however now that you mention it there is a switch in the office at the remote location that hasn’t been rebooted, that I had completely overlooked :oops: . I will definitely try that next time I am at that location. I appreciate the fast replies. I will report back after that is rebooted.

is it a managed switch ? can you log into it ?