CMM Micro Configurtion

I have (3) Canopy 5.7 AP on a tower.
The backhaul is a Trango.

Everything plugs into the CMM Micro, the (3) APs receive sync through the power port.
Port 2 - Backhaul [Trango]
Port 3 - AP1
Port 6 - AP2
Port 7 - AP3
Port 8 - To Base [Ethernet]

All (3) APs have this option:
Enable Option 1 - Block SM destined Packets from being forwarded

I am trying to quiet the network down but am confused on which boxes to check on the CMM Micro?

CMM Micro Current Configuration:
VLAN Port Configuration - All checked
Uplink Port - None checked

And advice would be appreciated.

If you wish to reduce broadcast junk, checking Uplink for your Trango backhaul will restrict traffic so that any of the regular ports can only talk to the Trango, blocking communication between APs.

Run the SM’s in NAT
If in bridge mode enable multicast filters:
- SMB (Network Neighborhood)
- Bootp Server
- IPv4 Multicast
Enable Broadcast/ Multicast Uplink Data Rate : 5-30kbps depending on your network