cmm micro down

Hello Forum;
I have a problem wit’ my CMMmicro, it is not responding and all of a sudden my AP’s all lost connection and i tried rebooting and after that it refuse coming up.
Has anyone has a problem wit’ their Cmmm.
Please do give me your solution please

Try another power supply. If that does not do it, check all cables and connectors.

Otherwise it could be a failed CMMmiscro

Hello Jerry,
I sort out the problem but i really dont know it’s cause.
I did push the override switch and it came back working.

What might cause it to loss it connections , just like that ? Does it have to do power , my CMMmicro is on a UPS.
I really need to know what might have cause it to trigger off on it’s own.
Please your experienced solutions are solicited
Thanks in advance

Was the override switch in the “in” position when you arrived at the CMM? The switch only has an effect when the CMM is rebooted.

So, if during the last time you were working on the CMM you bumped the switch to the “in” position, that will put the the CMM into override the next time it reboots. The CMM may have rebooted for some reason, and the switch being in the “in” position put the CMM into override mode.

If the switch was in the “out” position, then I have no idea…