CMM Micro - How to enable VLAN Management

Hello all,

I have a simple questions.
Does Canopy CMM Micro support “Management VID” like APs and SMs? Actually, we are managing our CMMs throught Vlan 1, default config. of CMM.
All our CMMs have the firmware 2.2 Build 2 Feb 23 2006, think is latest version.


Yes. However that is the extent to which the CMM Micros support real VLANs.


What do you mean with this?


CMM Micro supports full-frame passthrough, an 802.1q management VID, and port-based VLANs.

On a full-featured switch you would be able to bring in VLANs 10,11,12,13 on a trunk port, and then redistribute specific VLANs out specific ports. The CMM Micro simply passes all 802.1q traffic through all ports. So if the uplink port has VLANs 10,11,12,13 they will be present on all of your APs.

It’s normal because the ports of CMM runs in trunking mode.
Anyway the management VLAN ID will remain always Vlan 1.The question was how to manage the CMM in a different Vlan from vlan1.




Seems it works. Thanx Salad for your precious help.