CMM micro information and AP tech information....

Hey people…

I have some knowledge I need to acquire- I have been searching, and reading and have decided to just ask.

Does anybody know the pps rating for cmm, 900APs, BHs (5.7 or 5.3) and if teh pps got any better with software upgrades?

Reason being, a new problem has developed and this is where everyone is seeing crawling speeds. during the “crawling time” which has recently been all the time) I have run link tests and all are at 99 or better up and down (for BHs) with the expected throughput (7mb up and down for 5.7) and SMS to AP the usual, down better than 95% and up better than 85%. I’m trying to see if there is a bottleneck here. I have about 380 users, that eventually come through one CMM. I am going to upgrade the two main links (one to 60mb orthagon and the other to a canobeam (only about 80yds away) but for now, I want to make sure the cmms or other BHs aren’t being too saturated. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. I would also like anyones ideas on that short link, it’s in the middle of a city (not too big of a city only <30,000)

Another Note:, I have just upgraded the switch that links the wireless to my PPPoe (I know- I’m really working to get rid of that part) and the PPPoe is also being upgraded from 2 P2 266mhz servers running servpoet. then it’s cisco 7200 to the OC3. The switch upgrade so far (for the last 4 hours) seems to have done a good boost, up to about 2mb down and 1mb up form the first test. However, I want to continue to gather information as I have learned… never stop on the first sign of improvment :slight_smile:

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  1. How many users per AP?
    2. Are you throttling speeds at the SM?
    3. What are you using for QoS at your headend?

    I run a 600 user network on a 15/15meg pipe with no speed issues. All of the users are college students so as you can imagine they are the worst possible bandwidth hogs.

    You have to have a good headend.

hello, thanks for your reply…

Most APs actually have around 22 customers, give or take 5, running in 2xfor canopy, but many of the towers also have 2.4 (non-canopy) either Orinoco or mikrotik as well. so all together, I would say 80 or so people per tower. I am not deploying any QoS at this time either. I seem to feel that one of the biggest problems is this pppoe, or something… The upgrade on the main switch did help considerably. there were a lot of packets being disguarded. Now, as I find a way to limit broadcast, I will consider any advise you may have in reply :slight_smile:

are all 600 running in 2x?
what authentication are you using?
are you all canopy?

I appreciate the help.


If you have P10 AP or BH they will do 4000 pps in software version 8.2. I think that I’ve heard that SMs will do 400 pps for the uplink. In the moment you have 3000 pps aggregate for the backhaul. This is probably the problem that you are experiencing.

How short is that city link? If you don’t have fog then I would recommend free space optics. Or maybe some of those 60 GHz licence free in USA links.

what do you mean by P10 ap or bh?

I am actually running 7.2.6, but will be upgrading finally at least by August. (Had to clear up major timing issues).

The back-haul link is about 30yds actually. We do, at some times, have some fog. I have been looking into cano-beam for this link, but haven’t gotten ahold of anyone actually deploying one now that I can gain reference from. I know that getting the boadcast blocked will significantly reduce the amount of pps. Are there any errors produced that I can look for?

Since you have 7.x software then they are P9. That’s the Motorola naming of the Canopy board.

For short distance backhaul you can try this: I couldn’t give you reference because this is not legal in my Country.

FSO wouldn’t work in case of dense fog.

any idea what the cmm micro can push as far as pps?

That link looks awesome that you suggested, does anyone know what that 60Ghz range might normally be used for? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t see much interference between these two buildings though. I have sent for more information on them- we’ll see what they send, thanks for that reference!

The CMM micro theoretically can do a lot of more pps then all the APs and BHs can do. BUT, when it gets a lot of traffic, lat say 20 mbps it’s starting to behave as a hub. I’ve send to Motorola dump files addressing this problem, no answer.

60 Ghz, gigabit links for up to 1 km.