CMM-micro or AP

I just put in a CMM-micro at a remote location and seem to be having an issue with it or one AP. I have a 2.4AP and 900AP at the top of the tower, both set to receive timing from the power port. The 2.4, plugged into port 1, is fine but the 900Mhz, plugged into port 2, says No Sync.

Both AP’s are at 7.3.6 and the Micro is at 2.1.3 for software.

I have not tryed the 900 on another port as of yet, hopefully in the next couple of days.

I could not find any settings in the CMM-micro that could cause this.

Any ideas???

I would flip-flop them to see if the issue follows the port or if it follows the radio. We have seen problems where near-miss lighntning causes the component on AP’s & BHM’s to fail which results in the inability to receive timing over the power port.

It was an issue when I put it in, no lightning at the time. Don’t think the tower climber would have been to happy.

Never thought at the time to flip the cables. Not sure why I didn’t think of it until a couple days later… :?

OK, I finally tried a different port on the Micro and no success. So I switched ports with my 2.4 that can receive sync and still no success. The 2.4 will receive sync no matter what port I put it on. My 900 AP will not receive sync on the power port.

Any ideas for my problem?
Can the Micro supply timing to my AP via the Timing port?

Did you try swagging another known good cable from the cmm to the 900AP?

Haven’t tried that, but would think that the ethernet cable is OK because if I leave it on generate sync it works fine with SM’s registered to it. Full speed ahead.

I would try swagging a cable to completely rule it and the connectors out.

If it turns out that the 900 really can’t get sync on the power port anymore, and other than that it works fine, you could try syncing the 900 off the 2.4 via the timing ports. Or, if you are running one 900, you could just let it generate sync.

When my 2.4AP is receiving sync on thr power port, does it send sync out on the timing port?