CMM MIcro Problem

I have two towers with 2 CMM micro, connect with Backhauls at 5.4 GHZ.
I want one CMM as master and the other as Slave but i doesnt´t work.

If i but the two CMM`S as Master i have a sync Porblem.

What can i do?

What kind of problem? we run all of our cmm micro’s as masters?

I lost the sync signal at the second backhaul…

I did have a problem that required my masters to be on the same tower, But it was no big deal for us.

Is this your problem. could you provide a diagram of your system? It is doable.

The slave function on the CMM is not currently active.

Set both CMM’s as Master. They will get the same GPS timing.

Set one tower BH as Master, receive timing on Power Port

Set the other tower BH as Slave.

What frequency AP’s and BH’s are you running?

All BHs and ApS are running in 5.4 GHZ…


That might be your problem.

Can you list your frequency assignments of all the AP’s and the BH’s?


BH1 5705 cc 30Master

AP1 5520 cc1
AP2 5545 cc2
AP3 5600 cc3

BH2 5705 cc 30Slave

AP1 5650 cc4
AP2 5495 cc5
AP3 5510 cc6
AP4 5555 cc7

Thanks a lot.

What is the distance between the two towers.

Are the BH’s using reflectors?

Distance is 3km and one BH is using a reflector.


If I had to guess, I think your problem is self-interference.

Try setting up both towers to reuse frequencies.

AP1 (lowest possible channel) cc1
AP2 (+20MHz) cc2
AP3 (+20 MHz) cc3

BH2 (Highest possible channel) cc 30Slave

AP1 (Lowest possible channel) cc4
AP2 (+20MHs) cc5
AP3 (+20MHz) cc6
AP4 (+20MHz) cc7

I think this will give you enough separation that the BH will not interfere with the AP’s.

Otherwise you might need to go with a different freq BH.

Thanks, I will test it…