CMM Micro versus CMM Version 2

We are in the process of implementing a system for a hospital. The project consists of connecting the main hospital, and two of it’s satellite locations for the purpose of transferring large X-Ray files from location to location.

This application requires and is demanding high bandwidth, so it is going to be a backhaul setup, obviously using three links. There is a transmitter tower owned by the County that will be used as the central location where all the BH Master’s will be located.

My issue is as follows. I would like to put something in place that will allow me to manage the hospital’s system remotely by connecting our privately owned Canopy system to theirs. The towers that house the infrastrcture are on the same mountain top, and have clear line of site to eachother. I was thinking about placing an SM at the county’s tower and pointing it at our Access Point cluster. This SM would terminate in a 5-port switch, and this switch would then be uplinked to the UPLINK port on a CMM2, which is provided for connectivity of Non-Canopy devices. I would obviously like to use the CMM Micro, but it does not provide an uplink port for what I would like to use it for.

Obviously when accessing the hospital’s Canopy system, a computer on our Canopy network will need to be on the same subnet as the hospital’s Canpoy devices to view them.

Will terminating the SM in the switch, then the switch to the uplink port work correctly? What about the timing? Will it still function properly?

Couln’t you just terminate the sm in the CMM using the built in switch?

Is the other site your shooting from synched? In the same freq?

Out of curiosity why would the cmm micro not work for your uplink?

Documentation for the CMM Micro and CMM Version 2 states that the ports on the switches can accomodate any combination of AP’s and BHM’s. It does not mention anything about terminating an SM into one of its ports, which is why I would want to terminate the SM into a stand-alone switch, then terminate the switch into an Uplink Port.

I cannot use an uplink on the Micro strictly because it does not provide an uplink port. On the CMM version 1 that we have at our site, there is an uplink port that is clearly labeled “Insert NON-CANOPY Devices Here”. So, you could plug a computer or a switch into that.

Yes, both sites will be timed. My issue is with the timing and the CMM micros. The purpose of the uplink port on the CMM v1 and v2 is to connect a device that WILL not be timed by the GPS. My initial thought is that I do not want timing going from the CMM micro to the SM, because the timing for that SM will be realized from the AP cluster it is pointing at.

Just use the micro for power and the switch port it will not synch the sm through the power port. This way you will not need all that extra equipment.

Don’t you mean turn off the power function on the switch port I terminate the SM in? The SM would get its power from the wall transformer. The only ports that would require power would be the ones that are connected to AP’s and BH’s.

So if I follow your general idea, you are saying that if I plug the SM into an unpowered port that it will not time whatever is connected to that port?

What I’m saying is you could even power the SM from the switch port and it will still not get it’s timing from the port. The only way it times is if it is an ap and is specifically looking for timing pulse on the power port. It should work fine, I just did it to do a spectrum Analysis at one of my sights…just plugged a sm in and turned the power on on the port and away I went.