CMM Micro - Weatherproof?

I’ll start this out by saying that I’m completely new to the Canopy line of products. I am working on my first install, and I’m not terribly familiar yet with how everything works.

The very first problem I have had is that my CMM Micro had several inches of water inside it after a rather heavy rainstorm. My CMM is mounted at the base of my tower, and I only have three cables entering it… a Cat5e to uplink router, the GPS cable, and a cable for power. At the time of my problem, I didn’t even have an AP connected to the CMM yet.

All three cables have drip loops well below the entrance ports. The entrance ports themselves are locked tight around the incoming cables. The water somehow got into the CMM and royally fried everything inside. It was shut tight.

I found out I had a problem when I was preparing to connect my first AP’s ethernet cable to the CMM. I cracked open the CMM, and water came flowing out, not a good sign.

Are there some special installation precautions I need to take to ensure water doesn’t get inside? I was under the impression that the CMM was rated to be installed outdoors… in the weather!

I ended up having to replace the CMM. I installed it yesterday, placed all of my cables inside, but didn’t hook any of them up to anything— there was another storm on the way. After the rain passed on by, I opened up the CMM again. There wasn’t a lake inside this time, but I noticed that the foam seals around the door were completely saturated with water, very much like a sponge, and would drip water out if I pressed on them.

Someone, please tell me… Is there something I’m doing wrong with this installation? Are there some precautions I need to be taking to keep water out?


Out of all of our sites only one of them has a CMM exposed to the elements. We’ve had several issues with water getting inside and accumulating at the bottom of the enclosure. Fortunately nothing has shorted out, but we’ve been trying to figure out the source of the leak. We also have drip loops in the cable before it enters the enclosure. Since there is no corrosion or sign of condensation on the CMM’s ethernet ports I point my finger at the weatherstripping.

Occasionally I’ve seen water work its way thru the cat5 cable (jacket cut due to birds, UV damage, etc.) at both tower sites and customer locations. Some of our older tower sites use non-shielded cable (Belden 1594A), so we’ve put small cuts in the cat5 jacket before the drip loops to allow the water to escape.

I’d recommend you put the CMM in a true outdoor enclosure w/ a solid seal.

I think you’re right about putting the CMM in a REAL outdoor enclosure.

My only problem is that Moto touts the thing as being “weatherproof”. As my experience, and yours it would seem, indicate it is not quite impervious to the elements.

I do believe the problem is in the weather stripping. It seems to absorb moisture rather than repel it.

Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something completely wrong.

CMM is definitley not water proof we learned that the hard way… Maybe if you siliconed the entire case.

we have one cmm micro outdoors, havent had a problem yet but its only up since like january, but its on top of a grain elevator, so it gets hammered with wind and rain.

We have 2 CMMMicros out side mounted on Towers…Been there for 3 years…no problems at all.

I’d say we probably have 30 of these things outdoors and never once had a problem with water. Are you guys closing the cmm door before you leave the job site? :smiley:

make sure you have a proper drip loop on the cables going into the CMM, try 2 or 3 feet below the CMM and then bend them back up to it. also make sure your seal is CLEAN i’ve had a few careless works close it will plastic or chunks of wires in the doors and of couse water got in.

we’ve got 40 + cmm micros outdoor that stay dry as long as my people shut them right.