CMM micro with different AP cluster configuration

Hello to everyone!
I have a doubt to solve. I tried CMM micro with a 4 AP cluster and it works very well.
Now I need a different installation where the 4 AP are part of the same cluster but they must be mounted separately (each AP has a distance of about 10-15 metres to the others).
So I ask you if CMM could connect, without synchronization and interference problems, a such strange cluster configuration.
Thank you very much!

To clarify: you want to place 8 AP’s on the same tower all connected to the same CMM?

What frequency are the AP’s?

No I have only 4 AP connected with CMM.
The AP’s work @5,4GHz and channels are separated by 30MHz.
The problem is exclusively the distance (in space) among the four AP’s.

So this is a second tower with a separate CMM and you need to mount the AP’s in a way that will physically separate them from each other.

If this is the case, then it will be no problem.