CMM Micro

Looking for a some info on using a CMM Micro to power a Force 180 and ePMP 1000 5 GHz non-GPS radio. I have a small tower location with the CMM Micro (24v DC solar site) powering 2 100 AP's and a 10 meg BH. Going to install a Force 110 AP at main tower and use the Force 180 at the remote end, going to use the ePMP 1000 as another AP with a 60 deg RF Elements Horn antenna. Doing away with the Canopy 10 BH and 1 of the 100 AP's.

Has anyone used the CMM micro with the ePMP equipment, if so how does it perform.

ePMP1000 works well with cmm micro.24-30v ok

epmp1000 sync unit may be powered via 24-30vdc cambium or standard poe 48vdc

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Thanks Juan, going to install the set up tomorrow and see how it works.