CMM off 24v battery source

Anyone noticed any subtle issues or differences of how certain radios work depending on whether the CMM uses the Motorola Supplied power supply or whether it runs of a different 24V source, like a battery array?

We’ve not done it, but 24VDC is 24VDC. Meter the output from the PS going into the CMM and verify your levels, but there should be no reason it won’t work just fine.

Hello Paul,

We run 3 CMMs on solar power (approx 25.4V). Honestly, we are amazed at how well they are running. The only problem we ever had was a battery array that ran low on fluid. Since then we replaced them with sealed batteries, and haven’t had a problem since. In fact, in our areas, it’s actually preferable to be on batteries, as our AC has some serious stability issues.

I should note that we have never fully populated any of these three cmms, so one that does may have a different story.

FYI a loaded CMMmicro will draw around 75W